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DIABOLUS WELCOMES OUR NEW MANAGER We are excited to announce the latest additions to Diabolus Esports family. Meet our new League of Legends management team! The new staff have joined us with a shared focus, to bring home the gold in Forge of Champions. Each of them has their own skill set to bring to the table, and to ultimately forge a team worth to carry the Diabolus name. As an introduction, we asked each of the team to give us some history on themselves, their goals and aspirations for the split and why they have decided to join to Diabolus. Jake ‘Jakey’ Reynolds, joins us as our League of Legends Manager. Here is a little introduction from Jake himself. ''Throughout my whole life I have always had a passion for video games. As a child, I recall being on a family holiday in Devon where my mother gave me a pound to play on a Street Fighter type game in the Arcade. 10 minutes later, there was a queue of other people waiting to play versus me to see if they could beat me - none did. Growing up, I played Fifa & Call of Duty, but my all time favourite game has to be Warcraft 3.'' ''I first found out about esports randomly when I attended my first Insomnia (I59). After this Insomnia, I realised that I was never going to be good enough to play League of Legends at a high level, but what I could do is build and manage a team. In early 2017 I did this with a team called Digital Warfare.'' ''I scouted a team with little help from others, going through everything possible to find players. Using lolforums, reddit and other websites. We turned up to Insomnia 60 with my first team and we managed to take second place which game me a real boost to keep going.'' ''Later I decided to start my own organisation (ViM) with friends of mine (Mannimal, Tom Wade and Luke Bowden). We managed to hit success again at the next Insomnia, beating all of the established UK teams and taking home first place at Insomnia 61. After this, we couldn't secure the financials to keep up our work so it was decided it would be better to fold ViM and move on.'' ''The next stage in my management was Hyperion Esports. Paul Minchell wanted to get into the scene and I helped him by managing to get into ESLUK Spring 2018 and into playoffs.'' ''Now my next stage is finally taking a full-time job in esports with Diabolus, I joined because esports is my passion. To finally get the support to do this full time is an absolute pleasure for me. Not only this, we share the same ideals, humour and goals. '' ''I feel like this partnership will be a strong contender within the Forge of Champions. Our aims are simple. Play the best League of Legends and win. With the roster and coaching staff we have lined up, it ts absolutely achievable. '' We are extremely proud and happy to bring Jake on board and look forward to the Forge of Champions with him as our team manager. Ash: ''Jake is one of the most hard-working individuals we have met along our journey at Diabolus and we could not pass up the chance to bring him on board.''
 Nick: '' From first meeting Jake we clicked right away, it could have been that we were drinking a beer but still we got on as friends immediately. there is one thing i can say for Jake that i hope sticks through his time at Diabolus, he is the most persistent man on the planet ''. Expect more team announcements soon, follow us on Twitter for updates!