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DIABOLUS WELCOMES OUR NEW COACH Jake ‘Mora’ Hammond joins us as our League of Legends Head Coach. We know what you are thinking, ''what another Jake? are you cloning them?''. Unfortunately not, but we do wish we had this power. Here is Jake’s introduction. ''I Began playing League of Legends at the end of season two; and spent almost the entirety of season 3 levelling up my account. The teams that really pulled me into League of Legends were Fnatic and Royal Club; who still remain the two teams that I follow and support, Royal Club now under the guise of Royal Never Give Up.'' ''I began coaching and teaching relatively early on, after a few years of competing as a player in Northamptonshire. I then took up the mantle as assistant coach at the club that I was playing for, a role that I maintained up to and just after moving away and beginning my studies at the University of Bath.'’ ''I have spent time as a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher in and around the area of Bath, doing individual classes online and in person; I am working this summer to attain my full TEFL certification.'' ''I Recently completed undergraduate BA in French, German and European Studies. Studied at the Free University in Berlin for the 2016 winter semester, studying English and German philology. I spent the summer of 2017 working in Reims, France as part of a hotel franchise; getting my regular intake of all things esports from my local Meltdown Bar.'' ''I was involved in the Division 1 Qualifiers in January 2018 with Newcastle Jaguars, and made it to the final of the losers’ bracket in a play-off game against the then named No Org No Problem. After this, I coached the Jaguars through Division 2 qualifiers with 4-0 record, and then maintained an unbeaten series record right up until my departure.'' ''I am really excited to join Diabolus as Head Coach; the overall passion of the owners and the organisation as a whole was a huge factor for me joining. Diabolus is a fast-growing organisation, with an exciting brand that I am thrilled be working under. The opportunity to work with a high quality roster, like the one we have managed to assemble at Diabolus, as well as the experienced support staff made for an easy choice.'' ''In terms of this season, I am really keen to see Diabolus kick on from last split, with the new Forge of Champions model. With everyone pulling together, I am sure we can really surprise a few people with the level of performance that we’re hoping to get from the team. Obviously everyone’s goal this split is to end up in Barcelona for the finals and then push on to get European Masters qualification; I don’t think we should be any different, and those are definitely targets for this split. This, coupled with a good performance at i63 this summer, would constitute a great split for me personally.'' We are extremely excited to see what Jake get to work and look forward to the Forge of Champions with him as our Head Coach. We also have a quick quote from the owners on their thoughts. Ash: ''Mora is a very talented, up and coming coach in the scene. Mora fits our ideals at Diabolus perfectly and we believe that in partnership with the other management staff, he can lead our team to success.'' Nick: '' Extremely excited to see what Mora can do, he may be young and relativity fresh-faced but I believe he is strong choice and look forward to see what he can do with this opportunity''. Expect more team announcements soon, follow us on Twitter for updates!