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DIABOLUS WELCOMES OUR LEAGUE OF LEGENDS DIRECTOR Simon 'Sven' Svensson joins us as our League of Legends Director. This is a new role with a whole heap of responsibilities. Sven came to us with a strong background, experience and a solid plan which made him the perfect candidate for this new position. Sven has previously worked with teams such as Arctic Gaming, Macro Maniacs and Team Singularity. He has a fantastic vision for Diabolus and we look forward to seeing his plans come to life. Here is a little introduction from Sven himself. ''My dive into esports came with Arctic Gaming when I was first trying to play on a competitive level, after that I was hooked. Working with people is a passion I've always had in and outside of esports.'' ''I have joined Diabolus because I believe the CEO's share the same ambitions for success as I do. I want to build something long term and I feel like UK and Diabolus is that place for me to lay this foundation. For my first split with Diabolus I am very humble, yet in a competitive mindset, I want to make it clear that we're in it to win it right from the start. Expect a strong competitor for this split. Give em' hell!' We have every faith in Sven’s vision and look forward to his plan for the Forge of Champions, and beyond, with him at the helm. Ash: ''Svensson has a wealth of experience and is the perfect fit for us at Diabolus. We look forward to giving him the tools to succeed and produce some fantastic League of Legends for all to watch.'' Nick: '' Sven is a down to earth guy with a huge amount of experience, I cannot wait to see his strategy in motion. The mighty Swede is mighty ''. Expect more team announcement soon, follow us on Twitter for updates