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CONTACT US! Looking to get in contact with us ? No problem! Get in touch with us here. Please note that we get a lot of emails every single day, whilst we try to reply to every message sometimes this is not possible. To ensure you get the right response, please use the correct contact listed below. Business Contact / Sponsorship If you are a business looking for esports advertising space or product endorsement, you're in the right place. To learn more, please feel free to request a copy of our sponsorship deck from the following contacts. Ashboycott@diabolus-esports.com or Nicholasuttley@diabolus-esports.com
Team application: League Of Legends Looking to apply for one of our League of Legends teams? Perhaps you're hoping to be a sub or you are a challenger player looking for a your big break? Well don’t worry, we read all applications! We may not always be able to return the email, but we will always try. Please contact: Ssvensson@Diabolus-esports.com Please note we will only look at applications for players Diamond 3 or above. All other applications will not be considered.
Esport team applications or enquires Wanting to enquire whether were starting a CoD team or even moving into Fortnite? Are you a Rocket League god looking for a name for your self? Perhaps you stream PUBG and want a brand behind you to grow. If this is you, please talk to our man Jake: Jreynolds@Diabolus-esports.com All other enquiries for all other enquires, comments or complaints please contact: Info@diabolus-esports.com All other enquiries for all other enquires comments on complaints please contact: